Microscopic Stylus Analysis

Microscopic Stylus Analysis

We will inspect your cartridge under our customized optical microscope and jig for the quality of the stylus mount. This will result in identifying your cartridge's exact Stylus Rake Angle (SRA) at a perfectly level headshell and nominal tracking force. You can then use this information and the WallyReference to adjust your tonearm quickly to achieve 92 degree SRA in order to optimize your musical playback. 


We will also analyze your cartridge's azimuth and zenith angle and provide instructions on how to quickly and easily align for ideal settings in your home.


Many stylii are improperly mounted by the manufacturer. If yours is too far off to achieve an acceptable SRA, we will help you get the manufacturer to repair or replace your cartridge.


Price includes return, insured shipping to any location in the U.S. Extra shipping charges may apply for international shipments. Once you place your order, WAM Engineering will contact you within one business day to arrange for receipt of the cartridge. Do not send cartridge until WAM Engineering has given instructions to do so.


WARNING: we are not responsible for cartridges which arrive at our laboratory in poorly functional or non-functional condition nor are we responsible for cartridges delivered to us without signature required upon delivery.



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