WallyVTA Coming Soon!

The only way to be certain you have 92 degree stylus rake angle (SRA) every time you mount your cartridge on any tonearm.


If you do not have access to microscopic analysis of your stylus and do not wish to use WAM Engineering to inspect your stylus mount for you, the WallyVTA can assure you of a perfectly level cartridge top surface. Do not rely on the tonearm to find the level point.

Improvements for the new generation of the WallyVTA include:

  • Can now be used effectively on unipivot designs

  • Has gauge to indicate how many millimeters to adjust your tonearm height at the pivot point to adjust SRA by 1 degree - depending upon tonearm length​

Development Background

The WallyVTA was developed to create a reference for your cartridge to repeatedly and easily find a perfectly level headshell when under nominal VTF. This development led to Wally's research into what was happening at the microscopic level with the stylus alignment on the cantilever itself.


Wally found that though the ideal stylus rake angle (SRA) is 92 degrees when under nominal VTF, many cartridge manufacturers were not mounting their stylii properly enough to achieve it. Worse, some very expensive manufacturers were far off of ideal. He shared with the audiophile community a method to inspect this for ourselves as shared here: https://www.analogplanet.com/content/video-showing-setting-stylus-rake-angle-using-digital-usb-microscope


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