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Change to Azimuth - Impact to SRA & VTA Calculator

FOR INDIRECT AZIMUTH TONEARMS ONLY! Azimuth does not impact SRA & VTA on tonearms with true azimuth mechanisms.

Generally: Indirect Azimuth tonearms have straight armwands (not curved or angled).

Once you have determined your cartridge's ideal azimuth position, use the indirect azimuth WallyReference left-right (azimuth) blade to determine how many degrees shift off level your cartridge is at its ideal azimuth. Enter the degrees shift, the Effective Length of your tonearm, the rotation direction and whether you are using IEC standard or WallyTools' "New Record Collection" alignment into this calculator and it will determine how much you need to re-adjust your tonearm height by in order to compensate for the change to Stylus Rake Angle (SRA) and Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) made by your change in azimuth.

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