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  • The only tool that allows simple, quick and repeatable confirmation that the top surface of your cartridge is perfectly level in BOTH horizontal axes – front/back (SRA/VTA) & left/right (azimuth)

  • Changing tonearm height changes not only Stylus Rake Angle (SRA) & Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA) but in many tonearms models also changes azimuth angle. WallyReference allows you to compensate for the effect.

  • On most tonearms, changing azimuth also changes SRA/VTA. WallyReference allows you to compensate for this and keep SRA/VTA constant.

  • An essential tool for finding the ideal SRA/VTA for your specific cartridge

  • Quickly and easily move your cartridge to other tonearms with the same ideal SRA/VTA and azimuth angles - No need for a second turntable or tonearm when you can setup all cartridge/tonearm parameters in 15-20 minutes

  • Includes personalized support from WAM Engineering

Mark H., England

"The WallyReference arrived and I have successfully completed SRA adjustments on my SME V and Rega RB2000 tonearms. It actually took me longer to find a dropped cartridge screw than it did to make the changes with the WallyTool! The *genius* of these tools is the beautiful simplicity of their physical designs which are based on the thorough understanding of the desired results and their ease of use in achieving those goals."

Development Background

The original WallyVTA was developed to create a reference for your cartridge to repeatedly and easily find a perfectly level headshell when under nominal VTF. This development led to Wally's research into what was happening at the microscopic level with the stylus alignment on the cantilever itself.


Wally found that though the ideal stylus rake angle (SRA) is 92 degrees when under nominal VTF, many cartridge manufacturers were not mounting their styli properly enough to achieve it. Worse, some very expensive manufacturers were far off of ideal. He shared with the audiophile community a method to inspect this for ourselves as shared here:

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