WallyZenith Coming in 2020!

Years ago, we were instructed to align our cartridge body at the protractor null points to achieve ideal alignment. Later, Wally Malewicz gave us the original WallyTractor and a way to improve upon this by aligning the cantilever at the null points. 

Until the WallyZenith, there hasn't been a way for audiophiles to see what REALLY matters when setting your stylus/cantilever assembly for ideal horizontal alignment: the stylus itself.

Cartridge manufacturers often work with 2 degrees of tolerance with their stylus mount accuracy. This means that even though you aligned your cantilever perfectly at the null points, your stylus could be off by a whopping 2 degrees. At that level of error you will be experiencing quite audible tracing distortions and never know it.

The solution is coming in 2020!


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