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  • Allows easy and precise azimuth adjustment on ANY tonearm

  • Control azimuth angle in as little as 0.25° increments

  • Precision made with highly rigid material to offer a solid union between cartridge and tonearm

  • Makes your tonearm a TRUE azimuth tonearm. Unlike most tonearms, changes to azimuth angle while using the WallyFulcrum will NOT also change your stylus rake angle

WallyFulcrum Product photo.jpg

Proper azimuth alignment is one of the two most impactful setup parameters for vinyl playback optimization. Unfortunately, many tonearms do not offer the ability to adjust the azimuth angle for your cartridge. Why is it unfortunate? Because few cartridges are at their ideal azimuth angle when the cartridge is level in the headshell.

The ideal azimuth angle for your cartridge is essential for maximizing stereo separation between left and right channels. Once this ideal azimuth is dialed in you will enjoy the widest, deepest and tallest soundstage with pinpoint imaging and the best instrument separation you can possibly get from your cartridge.