Electroacoustic Analysis and Speaker Setup

Your room and your speaker setup arguably has a larger influence on the quality of your playback than any single component in the audio chain. Rooms are most vulnerable in the bass region but can display many other characteristics that get in the way of getting the most from your music. Any specs and test results from the speaker manufacturer are of limited value in YOUR listening room - particularly below 120Hz - because there is so much your room and your setup can do to mess up the speaker designer's craftwork.

Bad bass in the listening environment will nearly always interfere with the resolution, detail, soundstaging and imaging of the midrange on up. Unfortunately, we don't know how well our system is playing until we measure it. We might love how it sounds and are quite used to it but you don't know what is missing until you accidentally get it back - or until you measure it PROPERLY.

The only way to know how much better your acoustic environment can be is by using a quality electro-acoustic measurement system.

Using the Audiomatica CLIO 12 system, WAM Engineering can analyze many different parameters in your listening room and suggest fixes and improvements in order to get the best possible musical enjoyment out of your system.