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Why use WallyTools?

The answer is simple: A turntable is a transcription instrument designed to extract signals from the record grooves that can be measured at the sub-micron level. The principles of this music recovery are governed by geometry and physics. Therefore, geometry and physics should be the primary consideration when setting up your transcription device. Your setup will only be as good as the devices you use and how well you use them.


If you use a fine-line type contact stylus profile, proper setup becomes particularly relevant and influential to playback quality. 

WallyTools are the most accurate and versatile analog setup tools available today. As an added benefit of your WallyTools purchase, you can know you will receive personalized support if you find yourself with questions in your setup process.

WallyTools: About

Bill D., NY

I just wanted to let you know how much your WallyTractor and WallySkater have improved my sound. I have always had a nagging suspicion that my anti-skate was not ideally set up. I would hear more groove noise than I thought was normal. After "dialing" in the overhang, cantilever angle and anti-skate the sound has really "snapped" into focus. When playing a Johnny Cash album recorded at the Carousel Ballroom before adjustments, there was a lot of noise coming from the right channel - to the point that I wanted to send the album back for replacement. After making the necessary adjustments with the WallySkater and WallyTractor, it turned out it wasn't the record's problem at all. It is dead-quiet now in the right channel! Anyone that wants to optimize their vinyl playback, regardless of investment, owes it to themselves to explore these amazing tools.

Horacio J., PA

​I will just cut to the chase…the WallySkater and WallyTractor are an absolute pleasure to use. A real game changer for me. I love them.

After many years of trying to land the stylus on a white dot, and never really knowing which alignment curve I was using, the WallyTractor has really just simplified cartridge alignment for me. The WallyTractor actually made it easy, and most importantly, made it accurate without having to obsessively second guess if the stylus is right on the dot. There is a real satisfaction being able to actually see the stylus drop into the alignment grooves, and to be able to visually trace the arc across the WallyTractor. Perfection.

Additionally, I have found it easy and simple to accurately and quickly set the cartridge alignment to either Baerwald or Lofgren, Old Record or New Record. Currently I’m trying Lofgren New Record, will live with it for a while and then switch to the Lofgren Old Record setting for a geeky comparison.

I also found the WallySkater to be simple and easy to use. I thought it very cool and clever how the WallySkater is able to visually illustrate how these invisible forces act upon a tonearm.
Thanks for the wonderful tools!

Jay R., WV

After reading some forums regarding set-up and researching available tools, I decided to order a WallyTractor. Best decision
I could have made!
After using the WallyTractor to reset my cartridge and tonearm configuration I was shocked at how much different my vinyl sounded. I never expected the major improvement I heard. Soundstage opened up and instrument placement and vocals were rock solid. Most of all the vinyl noise almost completely disappeared. 
During the process, I contacted the company twice through email for assistance and to clarify some of the instructions. I was surprised at  how fast I received a response. Within 30 minutes of sending each email I received a phone call from the owner of
WAM Engineering. He was extremely helpful and willing to spend as much time as needed to get the set-up right. He seems to really enjoy what he does and especially enjoys talking to vinyl enthusiasts, even if they aren't customers. His knowledge and willingness to assist is as exceptional as his product. I highly recommend WAM Engineering to anyone who wants to get the most from their vinyl.

Tim M., IL

Just wanted to let you know that I've got everything up and going and the sound is sublime. Used the Skater and the Tractor to do all of the setup and it was amazing how far off the Lyra Dorian I have was off in comparison to its original setup done with the [competitor's "beam" style protractor]! Plus, this cartridge never was quite as involving as I would've liked in the past and now I'm groovin' to some Oscar Peterson like never before with this cart!
I have about 6 more all mounted in headshells to realign and give a whirl. 
Thanks for such great products J.R., I may have to check out the Wally Reference now! Appreciate all of your help and support! I've been at this audio-nerd thing for 50 years and have never heard analog like this!

Brett M., CO

I’m wildly happy with the Wally Tools I purchased. I’m actually having to re-think my perspective on analog playback: I always enjoyed the ritual and the “fun” aspect of it, in addition to the physical beauty of the components, but never found it to be sonically superior to a high quality digital setup. That may be changing, given what I’m hearing so far.

Richard H., Canada

The WallyTractor arrived. After having used three other protractors, I am glad I did my research and purchased this one. It's laid out incredibly well, easy to use, and has comprehensive instructions that support the online videos you offer. The magnifying glass is actually quite good. I was able to watch the stylus settle into the grooved arc correctly. The mirrored surface is phenomenal. Lining up the cantilever in two null points to horizontally align the cartridge couldn't be easier. It's a wonderful product. Can't thank you enough.

Greg H., CA

 I watched the videos, applied correct VTF, then the WallySkater adjustments, WallyTractor, then WallySkater again.  Voila!  Anti-skating is now within tolerance and my records sound INCREDIBLE.  And without the WallyTractor I would have simply attached cartridge flush with end of headshell, same as the one that came with the ‘table.  Turns out for new cartridge I had to extend it past the headshell for correct alignment across the record.  Thank you so much for these tools and for caring about vinyl.  Just played Donald Fagan’s Nightfly.  Scary how good it sounded with re-calibrated system.

Thom J., OH

You have helped me in the past and my record collection never sounded better. Just wanted to say that it is so cool that you are spearheading cartridge set up and advancing the field so much! Keep up the good work, thank you from the bottom of my ears!

Ralph V., CO

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and the inventor of the Wally Skater. I believe that I have tried every setup gadget that is out there. I own every setup tool: [named four competitors' setup software and hardware] and other types of protractors. I have always ended up where it sounded good but I always ended up where it sounded like the voices on the higher notes “sounded like static” or scratches. As soon as I finished completing the setup with the WallySkater and WallyTractor, there was a WOW factor, and that distortion went away. Now my records sound great and clear, and the soundstage has expanded like I am sitting in the studio with the artists. Thank you so much for what you do.

Gary B., NM

I really appreciated your advice to start with the WallySkater and WallyTractor.  My cartridge had been aligned with the protractor that came with the turntable.  The cartridge sounded OK but not what I was looking for. After a couple of years listening and tweaking I began to think maybe the phono amp was a problem or maybe I needed a better cartridge.  So after learning about your system and products...I decided to try your alignment.  Watched the videos, read the instructions and aligned the cartridge and anti skate.  The result is like an upgrade of the cartridge.  It sounds great!

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