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Available in either milled brass or cured resin polymer, these corrective shims allow you to correct your SRA and VTA at the headshell. It is important to optimize your SRA & VTA at the headshell and not by using the tonearm height because by changing the tonearm height you are changing multiple vector forces in addition to influencing the SRA & VTA. Further, since the average VTA correction is 7° to 9° (target of 20° maximum or 18° optimal), no tonearm could accommodate this correction in any case. 

It is important to avoid more correction than the cartridge body can handle. Many bodies cannot handle more than 3°-4°. If you are unsure of what your cartridge can handle, contact us to discuss. 

The milled brass is preferred on high performance tonearms and cartridges with low to medium compliance due to its higher mass (6gm). You will need to introduce 4x to 5x this figure in effective mass by using your counterweight or adding additional counterweights.  

Choose from +3° to -10° correction in 1° increments. Minus sign indicates angular correction to cartridge that would occur if you LOWERED the arm height. This is the direction over 90% of cartridge owners will need to go as the industry is making their VTA far too high compared to how lacquers are cut.


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