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In-Home System Setup

You'd prefer to have an expert setup your turntable/tonearm/cartridge and to do so with the right tools? We have you covered.

As an added bonus, we can bring the Audiomatica CLIO 12 system along to analyze your room acoustics and speaker/room interface. There is no better way to see actual data on how well your system is performing!

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Matt R., CA

Investing what was, for me, a significant sum on my first foray into truly high end analog, I didn't want to leave anything to chance. Never having setup a turntable before, beyond my extremely simple Rega, I felt like I needed a lot of hand holding to get my tonearm and cartridge dialed in. The thought of potentially ruining an $8K cartridge was nerve wracking. I hired WallyAnalog to perform an in-home setup of my Jelco tonearm and Soundsmith cart. J.R. came out and guided me through each step of the process, bringing along his full suite of WallyAnalog tools which included putting my cart under a microscope to precisely measure SRA. My in-home service costs also included a WallyTractor. The process was eye opening and educational and I'm glad I didn't attempt the setup myself for the first time. By the time J.R. left my home, I came away feeling empowered to accurately use the WallyTractor on my own. During the setup we discovered that my Jelco tonearm had some problems. Although I didn't purchase the tonearm from WallyAnalog and even though the issues with it were not their fault, J.R. insisted he help to make the tonearm right and worked with the distributor to do so, investigating several hours of his own time and making a second trip to my place to finalize setup, again, all at no cost to me. When all was said and done, I could not be happier with my decision to use WallyAnalog, their service speaks for itself and is a breath of fresh air. My turntable sounds amazing.

Gary S., MD

After spending a year fiddling around with my cartridge/tonearm setup I thought my system sounded pretty good. Nonetheless I decided to contact WAM Engineering. I submitted my cartridge for evaluation and arranged for J.R. to pay me a visit and set up my system using his specialized tools. The results were astounding and the peace of mind priceless. Kudos to J.R. and WAM Engineering for upgrading my listening experience to the next level. Highly recommended!

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