Stylus/Cantilever Microscopic Analysis

The only way to know that your stylus is mounted properly is to inspect it under a microscope. Start with CERTAINTY when you install your cartridge: have it analyzed by WAM Engineering first. We use a custom designed optical microscope for the analysis of stylii with variable tracking force applied. 

Our analysis will:

  • Identify YOUR cartridge's native stylus rake angle (SRA)

  • Identify YOUR cartridge's ideal azimuth angle

  • Identify YOUR cartridge's zenith angle and provide a very quick and easy way for you to align your STYLUS (rather than your cantilever) for ideal groove tracing accuracy at home

  • Inspect for even stylus wear

  • Upon return of your cartridge and armed with the data from the analysis, use the WallyReference to setup your cartridge at its ideal SRA and azimuth angles in less than five minutes 

  • Once analyzed, you have the option to have a custom made ultra-rigid shim made specifically for your cartridge. Install between the headshell and the cartridge to achieve ideal SRA and azimuth. Entire setup process can take less than 15 minutes: vertical tracking force, overhang, stylus rake angle, azimuth, anti-skating and (an industry first) zenith angle.


Our industrial microscope and setup jig allows us to get the photographs we need for analysis while confirming that the aspect angle is perfect for our requirements of absolutely minimal error.

*We have found that even the most expensive cartridges can often have a poorly aligned stylus. Thankfully, most cartridge manufacturers will take back your cartridge for repair or replacement when such problems are found.*

Unless you inspect your stylus under a microscope using a very specific process it is not possible to know if it has been properly mounted to the cantilever. Have you ever listened to a cartridge that others raved about and when you listened to one in your own system you wondered what the fuss was about? We find the reason for this is often a stylus mount that either needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair or the owner simply needs to know how to improve the setup of the cartridge to get the most from it.

We are here to help you!

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