WallySkater is the only device that can accurately measure anti-skating forces. It is also used to assess the health of your tonearm bearing & mechanical resistance from tonearm wiring

Enhancements to the next generation WallySkater include:

  • Improved anti-skating measurement accuracy 

  • Adjustable measuring beam for varying tonearm lengths

  • Increased swing freedom for improved assessment of horizontal bearing health and wiring influence on tonearm performance

Proper setting of anti-skating is essential to the preservation of the stylus and the record grooves themselves. Be CERTAIN you have your anti-skating set correctly.

The Detective

Wally used to call his WallySkater "one of my best Trojan Horses" because many invitations he accepted to setup equipment owned by proud designers or audiophiles often resulted in the destruction of the owner's belief in the quality of their equipment.


The WallySkater is a ruthless detective of bearing quality and poor anti-skating mechanism design. Over the years, the WallySkater has been an essential tool for finding problems tonearm manufacturers and audiophiles didn't even know existed. 

How good is your tonearm?


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