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The WallyScope provides an accurate and simple two-step process for measuring your cartridge's dynamic stylus rake angle (SRA), dynamic vertical tracking angle (VTA) and can also be used for assessing stylus condition and wear patterns. Control of the subject in the frame and fine focus is made easy by the unique design which affords motion control in all three axes.


The WallyScope's compound lenses (2x, 4x & 10x magnification) and high-sensitivity, 1/2" format back-illuminated camera capture high resolution images with extraordinary light sensitivity and powerful magnification levels. The WallyScope is mounted to a XYZ stage allowing easy manipulation of height, fine focus and left/right shifting. A specially trimmed vinyl record makes dynamic measurements of stylus quick and easy. The entire kit is packaged in a rugged weatherproof storage case.

Camera software is compatible with PC, Mac or Linux. 

 Production is limited.

For more information, please contact us using the Contact page

Mike L. , TX

 I just wanted to drop you a quick line and give you MANY THANKS for your excellent help. I have adjusted my arm down as a consequence of the many photos and measurements. System sounds very good. Really love the WallyScope!

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