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Kuzma Tonearm Pre-Mount Service

Cartridge alignment couldn't get any easier or more accurate! WAM Engineering will analyze your cartridge in our lab and "Pre-Mount" your cartridge to your Kuzma headshell with its customized shim. We then send the Kuzma Pre-Mounted cartridge/headshell to you and you complete the installation in less than 10 minutes. 


With this service, we align your analyzed cartridge on your Kuzma headshell with its customized shim for:

  1. Overhang

  2. 92° stylus rake angle (dynamic) balanced against goal of <20° for VTA

  3. Ideal azimuth angle

  4. Zenith error correction

When you get the assembly, you simply:

  1. Level a second headshell to the record surface with the WallyReference Dual Axis blade

  2. Install Pre-Mounted headshell

  3. Set VTF

  4. Set anti-skating. Done!

Available to owners of all Kuzma tonearms with a removable headshell:

  • 4Point

  • 4Point9

  • 4Point14

  • Ref 313

  • Ref 313 VTA

The cartridge analysis, customized shim and Kuzma Pre-Mount service costs $795. Please contact WAM Engineering directly to inquire.

INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: We use a third-party shipping insurer. The shipping courier and customs control do NOT see the insured value

William W., NV

Received the mounted cartridge and can’t thank you enough for this service. I got it all installed last night without any problems. I love having these WallyTools to know I’m setting things up well.


I have been listening and enjoying. It sounds fantastic. The biggest thing I notice is how much blacker the background is. It is noticeably more quiet, bass is tightened a little, clarity is great. Everything is more relaxed, smoother, and again, so quiet. And there is the peace of mind knowing I’ve got everything optimized.


Definitely worth it to me and I’ll be sending you future cartridges when needed for sure. Thanks for your help. So appreciated.

Jeffrey B., NY

My cart and headshell arrived safely on Tuesday, and I got everything up and running that same day.


I am quite surprised at the improvement in the sound now. I am not sure what is making the biggest difference — your slight azimuth correction or your perfect zenith alignment or getting the SRA correct.


I am hearing better instrument separation than ever before. Headphone listening is really great. With speakers, the soundstage is wider than I ever heard on my system.

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