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Kuzma Tonearm Pre-Mount Service

Cartridge alignment couldn't get any easier or more accurate! WAM Engineering will analyze your cartridge in our lab and "Pre-Mount" your cartridge to your Kuzma headshell with its customized shim. We then send the Kuzma Pre-Mounted cartridge/headshell to you and you complete the installation in less than 10 minutes. 


With this service, we align your analyzed cartridge on your Kuzma headshell with its customized shim for:

  1. Overhang

  2. 92° stylus rake angle (dynamic) balanced against goal of <22° for VTA

  3. Ideal azimuth angle

  4. Zenith error correction

When you get the assembly, you simply:

  1. Level a second headshell to the record surface with the WallyReference Dual Axis blade

  2. Install Pre-Mounted headshell

  3. Set VTF

  4. Set anti-skating. Done!

Available to owners of all Kuzma tonearms with a removable headshell:

  • 4Point

  • 4Point9

  • 4Point14

  • Ref 313

  • Ref 313 VTA

The cartridge analysis, customized shim and Kuzma Pre-Mount service costs $795. Please contact WAM Engineering directly to inquire.

Jeffrey B., NY

My cart and headshell arrived safely on Tuesday, and I got everything up and running that same day.


I am quite surprised at the improvement in the sound now. I am not sure what is making the biggest difference — your slight azimuth correction or your perfect zenith alignment or getting the SRA correct.


I am hearing better instrument separation than ever before. Headphone listening is really great. With speakers, the soundstage is wider than I ever heard on my system.

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