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Corrective Shim Options

WAM Engineering has analyzed hundreds of cartridges from over 50 manufacturers to date. We record and database all cartridges that come through our laboratory. The average required SRA/VTA* correction is over 3°, far more than most tonearms can adjust for - and if they could, you wouldn't want any tonearm to function this far out of its leveled position.

To solve this need for greater corrective angular adjustments than the tonearm can or should be offering, WAM creates a customized corrective shim for each analyzed cartridge that incorporates that cartridge's required SRA/VTA and azimuth angles. There are two shim material options available.

WAM Engineering builds in both the SRA/VTA correction as well as the azimuth correction into the shim, making the cartridge installation process much faster and easier.

* SRA and VTA are both important for very different reasons, each with its own ideal playback angles. See WallyTools educational videos for more on this.


For SRA/VTA corrective angles greater than +/-1°, a "top side" shim is made for the top of the headshell. These top side shims are always made from the Engineering Resin.

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