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WallyZenith Calculator

The WallyZenith allows you to perfectly align your cantilever as you would on any good protractor but offers the flexibility to do so if your stylus zenith is not perpendicular to the cantilever and you know your zenith angle. 

Further, the WallyZenith allows you to set azimuth quickly and easily with the WallyReference or your custom shim included in your WallyTools Stylus Analysis BEFORE aligning your cantilever in the headshell. The advantage of this process is reduced setup time with the same accuracy on all setup parameters. 

Use this calculator to determine which WallyZenith alignment angle to use given your azimuth angle and/or zenith angle. You will then align your cantilever to this WallyZenith alignment angle accordingly. 

Round the result to the nearest 0.5 degrees and find that alignment angle set on the WallyZenith to align your cantilever

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