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WAM Engineering has been advancing turntable setup since 1994. Many of our tools are the only ones made of their type anywhere. We are here to help you apply the mathematics, geometry and physics behind vinyl playback to allow you to START FROM CERTAINTY on all parameters that can be known objectively in the setup process.


Stylus Rake Angle Webinar!

On March 20th at 11am in the U.S. Pacific Time Zone, WAM Engineering / WallyTools will conduct a free one hour instructional webinar on how to accurately measure your cartridge's dynamic Stylus Rake Angle (SRA) for optimal playback results.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The ideal SRA we should set our stylus to

  • What type of stylus benefits the most from ideal SRA

  • WHY we need to align for an ideal SRA even though the recording industry does not have a single cutting angle for its lathe cutter heads

  • How to improve measurement accuracy with a basic USB microscope - even on asymmetric styli

  • How to decrease time needed fussing with the USB microscope

  • How to keep diagnostic equipment costs down, and...


There is no cost to join the webinar. To get permission to join, simply CONTACT US with a request to participate.


Attendees can expect to get the link for the event shortly before the webinar. More news and updates on this to follow.


Note to non-U.S. attendees: U.S. Daylight Savings Time takes effect on March 14th, pushing our clocks forward on that day by 1 hour.

WAM Engineering Re-Launch

We paid our last respects to the brilliant engineer and inventor Wally Malewicz in 2018. Though demand for his turntable setup tools was always higher than he could supply, following his death vinyl enthusiasts were left without hope of ever owning one of his products.   

WAM Engineering was relaunched in 2019 in a joint effort between Wally's former production assistant and Wally's son who, like his father, is a highly skilled mechanical engineer.

Over the years, Wally discussed many possible improvements and variations to his products with those closest to him but never had the opportunity to do them himself. WAM Engineering is proud to re-introduce his products with the improvements he had envisioned, starting with the most accurate and versatile cartridge alignment protractor in the world - the WallyTractor Universal.



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