WallyTools Analog Setup Tools

WAM Engineering has been advancing turntable setup since 1994. Many of our tools are the only ones made of their type anywhere. We are here to help you apply the mathematics, geometry and physics behind vinyl playback to allow you to START FROM CERTAINTY on your analog setup.


WAM Engineering / WallyTools will be at the Capital Audio Fest from November 5-7, 2021!

WallyTools will be featured in the Living Acoustics room and have a table outside the room. We will also conduct two educational seminars in the auditorium. We hope they prove entertaining, educational and useful!


WAM Engineering at Capital Audio Fest!



Saturday, Nov 6 11:30am

Sunday, Nov 7 10:15am

  • When Stylus Meets Groove - Advanced Turntable Setup - Part One

Fine line contact styli have a notable mechanical advantage over elliptical and conical styli profiles that allow more information to be extracted from the groove. What is really happening when the stylus meets the groove? What mechanical, electrical and psychoacoustic problems occur when the contact edges of the stylus are not properly aligned? How well are cartridges made today to allow the playback stylus to properly transcribe the grooves made by the lathe's cutterhead stylus? How can we know with certainty when something less than 1/15th the radius of a human hair has been well aligned - and should we even care???​

  • When Stylus Meets Groove - Advanced Turntable Setup - Part Two

What are some of the mistakes and pitfalls common to turntable setup and how to avoid them? Why do we have to be concerned with changes to one setup parameter affecting other parameters? What does your anti-skating setting have to do with cantilever alignment and azimuth? What can be known by setting up a cartridge by ear or by test record? How can we know if our setup and/or stylus cleaning habits are causing the early death of our records and stylus?

WAM Engineering Re-Launch

We paid our last respects to the brilliant engineer and inventor Wally Malewicz in 2018. Though demand for his turntable setup tools was always higher than he could supply, following his death vinyl enthusiasts were left without hope of ever owning one of his products.   

WAM Engineering was relaunched in 2019 in a joint effort between Wally's former production assistant and Wally's son who, like his father, is a highly skilled mechanical engineer.

Over the years, Wally discussed many possible improvements and variations to his products with those closest to him but never had the opportunity to do them himself. WAM Engineering is proud to re-introduce his products with the improvements he had envisioned, starting with the most accurate and versatile cartridge alignment protractor in the world - the WallyTractor Universal.