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Walenty Malewicz 

1942 - 2018

Inventor, Mentor and Friend

Wally Malewicz was a skilled mechanical engineer with a deep love of music and, particularly, analog playback. Wally provided vinyl enthusiasts decades of contributions in the pursuit of greater appreciation and playback quality of our beloved music medium.

Launched in the early 1990's, the WallyTractor was the product that drew industry attention to the importance and value of perfecting the horizontal alignment of the stylus/cantilever assembly with the precious record groove. This contribution allowed us to extract maximum information from the grooves with greater certainty that setup was dialed-in to perfection and resulted in his first of several industry recognitions with Stereophile's Accessory of the Year Award in 2002.

Wally often struggled with maintaining the business side of WAM Engineering, resulting in his inability to meet demand for his products. Wally far preferred to spend his time in his analyses which would further his understanding of analog playback and  room/speaker interaction or in talking to other audiophiles and spending time with his many, many projects. 

Wally helped countless audiophiles to improve performance of their systems over the years. His expertise and patience was always available to those who would reach out to him. Wally helped many manufacturers identify and solve errors in their designs and was contracted by several firms to act as the consulting engineer to develop some of the highest precision analog equipment on the market today.

Wally had a very deep love of his grandsons and was a man to always wear his heart on his sleeve. He was mentor to many and is dearly missed. 

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