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Did you know the jewel making vendors who sell stylus/cantilever assemblies to cartridge manufacturers allow for +/-5 degrees of zenith error? This industry tolerance hasn't stopped us from seeing MANY cartridges with much more zenith error than this. The WallyZenith allows you to correct for the zenith error found in more than 82% of all fine-line contact styli.


PLEASE NOTE: The WallyZenith does not MEASURE your zenith error (that solution forthcoming) but if you know your zenith error as a result of having your cartridge analyzed by WallyTools you can now correct for it - even AFTER you've adjusted your azimuth.  Alternatively, it is possible to use a trial-and-error (subjective) method to correcting for zenith error using the WallyZenith as a fiducial. Instructions for this process are in the downloadable instruction document.

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