WallySRA Coming in 2020!

WallySRA is the only tool that offers quick and easy microscopic analysis of YOUR cartridge's "natural" Stylus Rake Angle (SRA) with a perfectly level cartridge top surface, nominal tracking force applied and the assurance that the aspect angle of the photo image is perfect, allowing for the most accurate measurement possible and truly optimized musical playback. Along with azimuth, SRA is perhaps the most sonically influential setup parameter in your analog rig.

In conjunction with the WallyReference, once your cartridge has been analyzed on the WallySRA, you can very quickly and easily move it to other tonearms without having to remeasure your cartridge/tonearm rake angle. Further, you will also know exactly how much to adjust your azimuth setting in order to compensate for the impact tonearm height adjustments make to azimuth.

Coming in 2020!


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